Find an Accountant That Fits Your Culture

When companies come to us seeking an Accountant, one of the first questions we ask them is about their culture and more importantly in their accounting department.  We do this early in the process as a candidate that may seem like a great fit in one organization may not be a fit in another organization because of the culture.  Every organization has a different culture and no two cultures are the same.  You need to find the right candidate that will succeed in your culture.

It’s important to know your culture and what candidate would succeed in it.  Be honest with yourself and think of the candidate that would be a right fit.  Write down the words that describe your culture and get input from others that will be part of the hiring process to ensure the hiring team is on the same page on the department’s culture. It’s important that you discuss your department’s culture in the interview with each candidate also find out what cultures the candidate has worked in the past and would prefer to work in their next role.

As you probably have noticed, we haven’t focused on the organization culture but the accounting department culture.  There are many reasons for this from accounting being a deadline driven business, accounting seen as a support to the wider company, and just the nature of accounting work.  The organization culture is important but if there is mix match between the two cultures, choose the culture that the candidate will need acclimatize into in order to succeed in their role.