Employer Guarantee

CPA Recruiting Talent Agency has a Guarantee like no other in the market and ensures you the client will be 100% satisfied with the candidate that is placed.  As part of our Guarantee, we will refund the placement fee if the candidate does not work out within the 90-day interim period.  At CPA Recruiting Talent Agency, we know the right candidate can have a major impact on a company in terms of its success, culture, and growth.  Choosing the right candidate is so important that we believe if a candidate does not work out, we are willing to refund the full fee as we did not do our job in getting the right candidate for your placement.

We have built trust with our clients over the years as they know we have their best interest for their recruiting needs.  When you select us for your Accounting and Finance recruiting, you are getting a firm that you can count on getting the right candidate for you.